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2009 June 25
by Hardik Dalwadi

One of my colleague has written an e-mail in our staff that he
don’t want to give farewell party. First of all, we got shocked by the
subject of an e-mail. But after reading that e-mail, our eyes got

Below is the content of that e-mail.



As we all knows that FAREWELL means goodbye. But seldom you know that
it does mean a separation of an individual either from an individual
or group. And I don’t want to get separate from all of you. How brave
you all to separate me from yourselves?

By accepting your FAREWELL I will say that “I will miss you all” and
concurrently you all will say, “We will also miss you a lot”. Why
should we give each other such kind of mood particularly an individual
wants to remain with you of course not physically but then so what?

Do you know saying Goodbye (i.e. giving FAREWELL) can be difficult and
getting started is often the hardest part? We have so many other
difficult tasks at NIF, and let us put our efforts into those. With
the help of your good wishes from the bottom you heart I will easily
get start my new employment.

I am neither at the age of retiring (>= 60 years) nor want to depart
permanently from your heart. The time we all have taken to understand
each other is not at all undersized. Hence do you feel that we should
wipe out our perceptive, the love and the faith that we cultivated,
just by giving FAREWELL?

And last but not the least and that is one must not “burn his
bridge/s”. As far as my professional career is concern in this
organization is my 4th bridge and at the forefront to build the 5th
bridge with the help of your best wishes that I already have. True?

Thanks a million,
Love you all,
Have a grand time ahead.


And now i realized that…Are you agree with this?

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