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Upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 To Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (RC Release)

2010 April 23
by Hardik Dalwadi

Everybody knows that Change is coming. So, let me help you guys to experience the change. Yesterday, Ubuntu team has announced Release Candidate for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support, Updates up to 3 years) for Desktop, Servers, Cloud Computing and Netbooks. There would not be much change in Release Candidate and Final Release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Please refer the release notes for further information. Now, time to upgrade, I am sure this would be adventure ride for novice Ubuntu user.I used to do this upgrade during BETA cycle, sorry for being late. Since, I had access to 8 MBPS Broaband Line, i could not stop my self for Ubuntu 10.04 RC Downloading. Because i have check the know issue, which is not affecting me too much, so i decided to on upgrade.

Here is my statics during Ubuntu 9.10 To Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (RC Release) upgrade process.

I started upgrade early in the morning in IST time zone with 8 MBPS Broadband Line. I was already running Ubutnu 9.10 with latest updates. During upgrade process, 1574 package was upgraded, 242 was new and 27 packages was removed. It took 45 minutes to download 1064 MB of data. Total upgrade time from Start to Reboot was around 3 hours on my Intel Dual Core machine with 4 GB Ram, i did Bath, Breakfast and checkout during this time. Last upgrade was of Ubuntu 9.04 under 40 Degree Celsius temperature @ Ahmedabad, this time i was in BLR with 20 degree Celsius temperature, Actually my laptop has heat problem, so this parameter was concerned for me.

Here is step to upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04

Note: I would advise to take the backup from your existing system to be at safer side. Also, please make sure that you machine is connected with uninterrupted Internet to make upgrade smoother.

Step – 1:

Make sure that your current Ubuntu 9.10 installation is up-to-date with latest updates. If not please update it with latest updates.

Launch update-manager

Update Manager

Step – 2:

If “Your system is up-to-date” then you can start the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS upgrade process.

Launch Ubuntu 9.10 Upgrade Manager

Ubuntu 9.10 Update Manager with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS upgrade option

Step – 3:

Press the “Upgrade” button in Ubuntu 9.10 Update Manager with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS upgrade option window. it will start the upgrade option with release note. it’s still in BETA stage, so please read it before you proceed ahead and make sure it’s not affect your upgrade process. if you are not sure what you are doing please press “Cancel” button to cancel the upgrade process or else “Upgrade”

Ubuntu 10.04 BETA Release Note

Step – 4:

After going through Ubuntu 10.04 release note (Beta). It’s total six stage process. From Preparing Upgrade to Restarting the Computer. It will download the Update Manager Core.

Upgradation of Update Manage Core

Distribution Upgrade

Setting Up New Software Channels

Notification: Support For Some Application Ended

Notification: Do you want to start upgrade?

Getting new packages

Installing the upgrades

Cleaning up

Remove Obsolete packages

Restart the system to complete the upgrade.

After successful reboot, you will notice purple Ubuntu Boot Splash. If everything goes fine it should boot perfect, which happened in my case, you may have to change themesĀ  and your existing desktop to give complete Ubuntu 10.04 LTS look.

I have also noticed 100% CPU utilization during “Cleaning Up” stage.

100% CPU Utilization during Cleaning Up stage

I hope this will also help for smooth upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (RC Release).

Have Happy Upgrade….

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  1. Umesh Kamat permalink
    June 10, 2010

    I am upgrading to 10.04. I also want to make it as server with facility to login remotely using remote desktop kind of solution. (Not VNC). Do you have article which will describe step by step procedure for server and client end.

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