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Party@Ahmedabad:~$ cat /var/log/Ubuntu-10.04-LTS-Release.log

2010 June 2
by Hardik Dalwadi

Hello Community,

Thanks a lot for your over helming response to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Party. We had around 20 people (24 had registered). Kartik has already posted event photos. (Pictures speaks louder than words ;)) and full report (LANG=gu_IN)

Thanks to CIGNEX Technologies for providing place and opportunity. it was perfect ambience for Party / Meeting :). We are hoping same kind of support from them for future events.

Thanks to Gaurav for co-ordination and pre-arrangement (With Dixit) of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Party.

Thanks to Mr. Nilesh for attending party, it was very nice chat with you :).

Now, pictures speaks louder then words, so, here we go….

Ok, Good Night :)


Hardik Dalwadi


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