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Binary <-> Decimal Conversation Calculator in Google Sheets

2016 February 14

I  was going through my old engineering days during late night party with geeky friends. And we ended up with quick Binary <-> Decimal Conversation Calculator.  It has reminded me one subject called Digital Electronics. I was pretty bad at it, but there was interesting stuff, which i remembered right now, Binary <-> Decimal Conversation and how it is utilize by computers for In/Out of any characters from Disk, of course with help of encoding methodology (ASCII / UNICODE / …). Same time, I encountered with great teaching of the same by one of the great Professor over the INTERNET and it has encouraged me to designed Binary <-> Decimal Conversation Calculator in Google Sheets, rather then i pulled out my programming expertise to design one.

And see, here is the outcome of the same. Thanks to my INTERNET friends. Feel free to enjoy, Drop your comments if you need copy of the same.

Binary <-> Decimal Conversation Calculator in Google Sheets [1].


PS: Of-course, it has enhanced my Google Sheets Formula Developing skills and that was my subTarget 😉

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